Chairman’s Message

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Now that summer is coming to an end, it’s time to turn our attention to the fall local elections campaign. The Connecticut General Assembly is spending its way to bankruptcy. If you are tired of irresponsible government, this is your chance to elect local officials with Republican values who will preserve the quality, affordability and prosperity that brought us to East Granby in the first place. Our mission seeks to advance candidacies and policies that promote fiscal responsibility, limit government expansion, and champion responsible economic development. The East Granby RTC is working hard to advance those ideals and to that end we are proud to support candidates Todd Zessin (For First Selectman), John Ziobro (For Selectman), Glenn Zaugg and Rich Galluccio (for Board of Finance), John Corcoran, Rick Bortz & Lucia Ziobro (for Board of Education), Dan Velcofsky and Angela Ciottone (for Planning & Zoning), Aaron Nardi, Andrea Ullmann (for Board of Assessment Appeals), John Burda & Phil Chester (Zoning Board of Appeals). We need your help to elect these eminent candidates who will work to restore a prudent and responsive town government. While campaign costs have skyrocketed, the town committee’s resources are limited. So please support your Republican Town Committee by sending in your donation today. Thanks. Your generosity will directly support candidates who share your values. I look forward to seeing you at our Fall Social , and to working with you during the campaign.


Lee M. Sandora


East Granby Republican Platform 2019

 Manage Your Tax Dollars Responsibly
Promote the Highest Educational Standards for our Children
 Reduce Taxes through Sensible Business Growth
 Ensure Total Transparency of Town Government